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أحكام النون و المٌيم المشددتٌان
• First we have to know the articulation point of letters Noon and Meem .

Both letters share ghunnah (nazalisation) during pronunciation from the Nasal cavity

(nasal passage).

ًWhat is Shaddah ?

Shaddah is formed by bringing together two of the same letter, the first one is sakin (without vowel) and the second one with a vowel, it is recited with emphasis.

The ghunnah is defined as: a nasal sound that is emitted from the nose (nasal cavity )

• Noon and Meem are called letters of ghunnah-This is a required characteristic of the Noon ن and Meem م .
-The Ghunnah cannot be separated from these two letters and is an inherent part of their makeup.
The mechanism of pronouncing this Meem mushadadah:
• Close the lips together to pronounce the Meem and keep it
closed as we making the Ghunnah (nasalization) from the
The mechanism of pronouncing with Noon mushadadah:
• Keep the tongue in its articulation point and produce ghunnah for approximately two counts.
• Whenever the letter noon and meem have shaddah on them, they are held for a period of time with ghunnah.
• This type of ghunnah is called the most complete ghunnah and it is the longest ghunnah.

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